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Does 3 taste delicious? Do you like 13 times? Is it delicious? Do you taste curry and tendon growth?

This place itself is not very delicious. If there's a weighting, there's no reason to wait. I do not like iced tea. Curry meat was delicious

Is it open on 4 Feb 2020?

I think the schedule may be some changes during Chinese New year. After Chinese New year, it will be the same schedule as upload on Google maps. I suggest you that you call them before you visit there store, in case they have some changes.

Do you accept credit cards?

No, only cash. Only cash

Is this restaurant going to be open from Feb.4~7?

The other options are likely to be closed as well... Just like during Chuseok

What type of prices am I going to pay for a meal for two

I need at least $ 55 for one person, seven people for five people, three drinks for about $ 500.

Will the 2018 Lunar New Year (2 / 16-2 / 19) have a business? Thank you ~


Noodles are delicious, but there are live wheels and insects in between the table glass.

At that time, the tomato noodle house is the opposite.

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